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Apresentamos o OSP suite

As the only full line CNC machine tool builder that manufactures its own CNC control, Okuma continues to lead the way in machine tool and control technology. The latest evolution in control functionality is award-winning OSP suite, an open system that combines Okuma’s Intelligent Technology with various software applications for a custom user experience that improves productivity.

Available on the newer OSP-P300 controls, OSP suite has a unique graphical user interface that makes it easy for an operator to navigate and easily control the CNC machine.

Functionality enhancements

OSP suite provides functionality enhancements that:

  • improve operator efficiency
  • enable the search for manuals and documentation
  • allow access to productivity widgets and apps
  • support multiple operators by allowing custom screens and setups, defined by individual operator
  • save energy costs by enabling the shutdown of non-cutting functions and accessories (with ECO suite)

Operator Efficiency

The OSP-P300 control features a highly reliable touch panel that is specifically designed to withstand the demands of the shop floor. The interface in OSP suite is individually configurable for up to three operators, and each operator can change the operation panel to suit his or her preference and skill level. With one-touch access to the suite apps, common tasks are always at your fingertips. Documentation can be stored right on the control for easy operator access. With OSP suite, operator efficiency means increased productivity.

Digital Manufacturing

In addition to Okuma manuals, custom documentation such as checklists, work orders, and process sheets can be stored on the control. 3D PDF documents can even be stored on the control to assist operators in understanding the complex geometries of a part to reduce setup time. Documentation can quickly be found using the included search capability, so with information at the operator’s fingertips, more time can be spent at the machine for greater productivity.

Intelligent Technology

As Okuma’s Intelligent Technology continues to evolve, OSP suite enables you to resolve shop floor problems, maximize productivity, and visualize operations through the Thermo-Friendly ConceptCollision Avoidance SystemMachining Navi, and 5-Axis Auto Tuning System.

Suite Apps

In addition to Okuma’s Intelligent Technology, a wide array of applications for visualization and digitization of information needed on the shop floor is made available through suite apps.

Maintenance Apps: Inspection location and recommended timing are shown in lists and diagrams. Consistent preventive maintenance and inspection ensure optimum machine performance.

Tech Calc: Automatically perform complex cutting calculations using the intuitive graphical user interface.

Set Up Information: With digitized machining instructions, shapes can be confirmed with 3D images of the part for smooth set up and reduced errors.

Machining Navi: Using a shortcut key, Machining Navi can be quickly launched to achieve the optimum cutting conditions for maximum finish and throughput.

Gauging Apps: Premium applications that have been jointly developed with tool, gauge, and system manufacturers provide the tools you need to ensure accurate parts every time.

Handwritten Messenger: Write notes using the touch panel or use the keyboard input system to send messages to other operators for efficient communication between shifts.

ECO suite

ECO suite combines Okuma’s Intelligent Technology and energy-saving techniques to stop machine tool idling. By systematically stopping or shutting down unnecessary peripheral equipment when the machine is not cutting, ECO Idling Stop dramatically reduces power consumption. Data is displayed graphically on the control for increased awareness of energy usage and potential savings.

The OSP Control and OSP suite. Open Possibilities. Endless Opportunities.